The Knudepunkt 2015 Companion book

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This is the 2015 Knudepunkt book. A bit of back to form with a singular book. I just…


This is the 2015 Knudepunkt book. A bit of back to form with a singular book.

I just want to put focus on the foreword quote:

“I sat there for an hour or so, immersing in my backstory, imagining how my life was before I become a Nazi Zombie. It was quite a powerful experience, evn though there were no other players around. It was a bit of a Turku moment, I guess” – Dracan Dembinski

This was one of many great stories we’ve got from Dracan that year, the year before we (Claus and I) met him at KP and he purposed this idea of doing a Harry Potter Larp in a Castle. Which later turned out to become College of Wizardry.

This book has a lot of really great articles: whether you want to go for the more provocative ones like Juhana Pettersons documentation sceptism in: “Looking at you: Larp, documentation and being watched” or Stefan Deutschs criticism on Nordic Larp as a dated brand in: “There is no Nordic larp: and yet we all know what it means”.

Or you want to go for an early an indepth article on edu-larp with Myriel Balzer and Julia Kurz’: “Learning by playing: larp ass a teaching method”.

Hear from the Americans with Aaron Vaneks work with the Larp Census in: “Behind the larp census: 29571 larpers can’t (all) be wrong” or Evan Torner, Whitney “Strix” Beltr├ín, Emily Care Boss & Jason Morningstars intro to and take away from The Golden Cobra Challenge with: The Golden Cobra Challenge: Amateur-Friendly Pervasive Freeform Design”

Or many more articles about Steering, Workshop Practise, The Tribunal, Brute Force Design and more.

The book is edited by Charles Bo Nielsen and Claus Raasted